Monthly Archives: November 2010

Today’s Workout, 11.29.10

My 44# kettlebell and Jungle Gym were gathering dust, so I grabbed them both and headed to the park. Started out with my usual 12-min of yoga, and then proceeded to…

Circuit 1: Long Cycle KB Clean & Jerks/Jungle Gym Chins 3X5

Circuit 2: Jungle Gym Dips & Rows/Hindu Push-Ups 3X5

Circuit 3: 30/30 Two-handed KB Swings for 8-min

Finished with some KB Windmills and Planks. All in all, a great training session, though I had forgotten how much harder it is doing chins on the Jungle Gym!


Long Cycle Clean & Jerk

The kettlebell One Arm Long Cycle Clean & Jerk is a great full-body exercise. It also is very functional, and can improve your performance in all sorts of physical activities. I think it’s especially good for martial artists. Here’s a video by top trainer Scott Sonnon explaining how to do it, step by step.

Today’s Workout, 11.24.10

Very busy day today, so I didn’t really have the time or inclination to do a structured workout. So I did my usual 12-minutes of yoga and then just did a bunch of exercises–Hindu squats and push-ups, chins, presses and swings with a 35# kettlebell–until I got tired. Didn’t count sets or reps; didn’t keep track of time. Is this the ideal way to train? Maybe, maybe not. To me, the important thing was doing something physical and working up a good sweat. Structure matters, but doing something active every day matters more.

Today’s Workout, 11.17.10

Twelve minutes of yoga. A couple sets of Hindu push-ups and squats. One-arm long cycle clean-and-jerks with a 35# KB; went nonstop for 7 minutes, switching hands every 5 reps. Two sets of 25 two-handed swings and 2 sets of 5 windmills. One more set of Hindu push-ups and squats, then planks, side planks, and other core work.


Outdoor Training: Good for the Body, Good for the Spirit

I love training outdoors. Giving up the gym and embracing workouts at the park was one of the best things I ever did for myself. USA Today reports on research that found exercising outside may have a potent impact on our emotional well-being:

As little as five minutes of “green” exercise — activity in the presence of nature — benefited all types of people, according to the researchers, who analyzed data on 1,252 people from 10 prior British studies.

The benefits? Improved self esteem and mood. Read the story here.

I am so fortunate to live in Hawaii, where I can train outside nearly all year long. Makes the high cost of living here worth it.

Today’s AM Workout, 11.16.10

Twelve minutes of yoga, followed by three sets of Hindu push-ups and squats. Then got some conditioning in with 12-min of burpee/boxing intervals. Tonight I look forward to Kali and Jiu-Jitsu!

Today’s Workout, 11.15.10

Decided to take out the 44# kettlebell today. Warmed-up with 12-min of yoga, then did a 5X5 routine of one-arm KB military presses supersetted with one-arm KB rows. Followed with 8-min of two-handed swings, 30/30 style. Finished with planks, side planks, and other core work.