Monthly Archives: May 2011

Monday Training, 5.30.11

Started the morning with yoga and joint mobility work on the beach followed by a 400m ocean swim.

In the afternoon, I trained with my friend Travis. We started off with Hindu Push-Ups and Squats, 15/15 for 10-min., before moving on the some kettlebell Turkish Get-Ups. We hadn’t done TGUs for some time, so we kept it easy, with each of us laddering up to three. Next, several sets of Chins and Dips, followed by more kettlebell work,  consisting of alternating between 1-Arm Swings and 1-Arm Clean & Presses, 15/15, for 16-min. Training ended with Travis leading us through some simple Qigong breathing exercises.


A Month of Rehab & Rebuilding

I haven’t posted for a while, so it’s time for an update.

It’s been a little over a month since I slipped a disc in my back. For the first week or so, I pretty much couldn’t do any real training. I gradually added yoga, chin-ups, swimming, and walking to get myself moving again. Then I started to go to Kali, taking it easy at first while slowly upping the intensity. The next step was to start doing kettlebell Swings along with Hindu Push-Ups and Squats. Finally, a little over a week ago, I upped the kettlebell ante and went back to Clean & Presses and Jerks. I’ve also started doing dips, both on the parallel bars and on the Jungle Gym.

So how’s my back doing? Great! No more aches or pains. This week I look forward to finally returning to my MMA and BJJ training. I’ll have to be careful, not only to avoid re-injuring myself but because my regular training partner has over a month to plot against me!

Considering how serious a slipped disc can be, I feel fortunate to have recovered so fast. I really credit my training regimen, which helps keep me flexible and my back strong. In particular, my kettlebell training helped me build a good posterior chain, which I believe helped me heal quickly. The Eischens Yoga sequence I learned at Monkey Bar Gym was also essential, as it is geared to help rebuild the body and prevent injury.

This whole experience also highlights part of the Fit Monkey Hawaii philosophy: Training shouldn’t be about “destroying” people… it should be about building them up and healing them.

Kali Demo

Sunday, I was honored to participate in a demo of Filipino martial arts organized by Guro Burton Richardson at the Ganbatte Japan Fundraiser to raise money for victims of the recent disasters.  Here are some pictures (I’m the tall guy in the olive shirt)…

Stick & Shield

Stick & Shield

Knife vs. Stick

Knife Sparring

Rehabbing Myself

It’s been a bit over two weeks since I tweaked my back. By “tweaked” I mean “slipped a disc.”

Things have improved dramatically. No more swearing when standing up or sitting down! Last week I started training in Kali again, and even participated in a demo at a charity event on Sunday. No MMA or BJJ yet, however.

For my workouts, I’ve been sticking to yoga, chins, dips, and ocean swims. Monday was a typical recovery workout:

  • 10-min of yoga, plus some joint mobility work
  • Ladders of Pull-Ups, Alternate Grip Pull-Ups, Neutral Grip Pull-Ups, and Chin-Ups. I didn’t keep track of total reps. I’d just ladder up to four or five one one exercise, rest a bit, and move on to the next exercise.
  • Between pulling exercises I’d do sets of 10 Parallel Bar Dips.
  • Finished with a 400-m ocean swim.

These are the types of routines I’ve been doing post-injury. I believe my recovery is going well, and I hope to start swinging the kettlebell again soon!