Training Services Offered

EXCITING NEWS! Fit Monkey Hawaii will be offering classes in Burton Richardson’s JKDU/MMA for Street Self Defense starting this month! Click here for more info!

Tired of trainers who show you a complicated move once and then expect you to do it perfectly? Fed up with feeling lost in big group sessions? Frustrated at getting hurt instead of getting better?

At Fit Monkey Hawaii, we strive to provide a safe, supportive, and injury-free training experience. Both group and private lessons are tailored to fit your goals and needs, as well as your abilities. The workouts are not one size fits all.

A typical Fit Monkey Hawaii training session has three components:

1. Joint mobility and yoga to warm-up.

2. Careful, patient instruction on the exercises we’ll be performing.

3. The workout itself. Sometimes short, but never easy!

Guidance about healthful eating and living an overall positive lifestyle is always available if you’re interested.

The core of the workouts will be built around kettlebells and bodyweight exercises. We’ll also utilize some martial arts techniques such as shadowboxing and hitting focus mitts. And if you’re interested in learning more about martial arts and street self-defense, we can skip the fitness training and spend an entire session on that alone.

The most important component of any training session is YOU! What we do depends on what your goals are. Our job is to make sure the workouts are balanced, challenging, different, fun, and effective. This is what will help you get to your goals and keep you motivated to keep training and lead a health lifestyle.

While we love working with clients one-on-one, we also offer small group classes. These are ideal if you have friends who would like to train with you. Since I believe in  individualized attention, the size of group classes is limited.

One of the great things about training with Fit Monkey Hawaii is you never have to bother setting foot in a gym or health club. Sessions can be held at parks or at your home. Why not take advantage of the beautiful Hawaii weather by exercising outside?

Sound good? Then contact me! The first session is always free, so let’s start training the Fit Monkey Hawaii way!


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