New Year, New Blog

For 2013 I’ve decided to take a big step.

For a few years now, I have maintained two separate blogs.

Samourai HQ has been my lifestyle blog, where I post music clips and talk about style, drinks, and things of that nature.


Fit Monkey Hawaii has been my fitness and martial arts blog.

For a variety of reasons I have opted to merge these different interests into one blog, A Gent in Training.

I approach my life from a sort of holistic point of view. Everything I do in some way is linked to something else I do. Thus, I decided it isn’t really natural for me to have different blogs to reflect different aspects of my personality as they aren’t really different at all, just part of a larger whole.

For the immediate future, I will be concentrating on reposting revised and updated versions of posts from my older blogs on the new blog. However, I have plenty of ideas for new content so there will be lots of original material up soon.

Thanks to all of those who’ve been reading my posts over the years. I hope you will join me in my latest blogging endeavor


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