Monday Training, 4.23.12

Well, I claimed a little while ago that I would get back to blogging regularly. I didn’t. It’s been a busy spring so far! But that’s a good thing.

One promise I didn’t break was my committment to revamp my training. And I’ve been doing just that. Today was a good example of that.

I recently read a great post by Steve Maxwell. Entitled A New Year, and a New, Improved Version of Yourself, the post discussed the importance of movement-based exercises for both performing better and looking better. Steve then made some suggestions for very simple but effective workouts.

I decided to start incorporating some of those suggestions in to my own training. For example, here’s what I did today…

Warm-Up: Joint mobility work, kettlebell halos, around-the-bodys, and windmills

Circuit 1: Ten minutes alternating between Chin-ups and Dips. I kept the reps low, somewhere in the 3 or 5 range, but kept the rest periods very short, usually less than 30-sec. For Chins, I played around with different grips, i.e. palms facing me, palms facing away, neutral grips, etc.

These ten minutes alone are quite a workout. As Steve Maxwell says, “These 2 exercises provide plenty of stimulation to every muscle in the upper body. These exercises exemplify virtue: honest, simple pulling and pushing the bodyweight and pure function. You can neither cheat nor pretend.”

Circuit 2: Tri-set of Sumo Deadlift, Alternating KB Swings, and Box Jumps. I did three sets of these, keeping reps just a few short of failure.

Circuit 3: This is my own addition. Five 50m sprints. Sweet and simple.

Cool-down: 400m ocean swim and yoga on the beach.

All in all, it was a fun and productive session. I plan to do this workout at least once a week for the forseeable future. Be sure to read Steve Maxwell’s original post, and get inspired yourself!


2 responses to “Monday Training, 4.23.12

  1. I’m a big fan of Steve Maxwell’s. Yesterday I did a pull-up/burpee ladder with rope skips. Got up to 6 pull ups, then went down but from 4, 3, 2, 2.

    As far as routines, I’ve never kept to one. Hope your 4-8 week program went well. Any tips on dips?

    • Brandon Bosworth

      Dips are difficult. Doing them on rings, a TRX, or Jungle Gym is even harder than on parallel bars, but probably better for your shoulders. If you have a hard time with dips, I’d suggest working on negatives. Get into dip position, and jump up so you are in the top position of the movement. Then lower yourself slowly, ideally with a 10-count. Take a break, resting up to 90-sec or so, and repeat one or two more times. Do this two or three times a week, and each week try to drop the rest period by about 15-sec. One thing NOT to do is dips off a bench or something similar. Those can mess up your rotator cuff. Push-ups, especially Hindu push-ups, will also help your dipping. Hope that helps!

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