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Video: More Kali Sparring!

Here’s a few more clips of my buddies and I engaging in some Kali sparring at the park recently.

Here’s Travis and Gary doing some stick sparring, both right and left handed:

And here’s Gary and I doing some Daga y Espada (stick and knife) sparring:

Hope you enjoy!


Video: Sparring in the Park!

I’m far from the most tech-savvy guy in the room, so I’ve been slow in recording and posting my own videos. No more! It’s a short and admittedly amateurish bit of footage of me and a friend of mine engaging in some Kali stick sparring over the weekend. Enjoy!

Monday Training, 11.28.11

Did some more training with my weight vest today. It’s loaded with 20-lbs of weight.

I warmed-up swinging the Kali sticks wearing the vest, which made for a rather different Kali experience. Next up, 10 sets of 3 weighted chin-ups followed by 10 sets of 3 weighted dips on the Jungle Gym. I rested about a minute in between each set.

I ended with some weighted sprints. I sprinted for 15-sec with 45-sec of rest a total of 10 times.

Back from a Break

I admit it… I’ve left this blog dormant for a few weeks. Frankly, there’s been so much going on I just got very busy.

On the training front, my friend and training partner Travis was waylaid by injuries and illness, so we took some time off from our workouts. I remained active, but instead of concentrating on set routines, I just more or less did whatever I felt like on any given day: swimming, yoga, Hindu exercises, simple kettlebell work, Kali with my friends, etc. And of course I had my regular JKD and BJJ practice.

I actually welcome the short break from my regular training schedule. When you train hard pretty consistently, you sometimes need to take some time off to let both your mind and body recharge, regroup, and refocus. So now I feel fresh and ready for a new phase of training, Fit Monkey style!

Exciting Week of Martial Arts Training

Lots of martial arts fun this past week.


On Tuesday, my friends Bobby Chuck and Manny Vallardes decided to ramp-up our Kali stickfighting game a bit by sparring with rattan sticks, as opposed to our usual padded training sticks. It makes a big difference! That slight element of pain (and fear) really changes your game plan. We all did very well, and managed to avoid any serious injuries, though a glancing blow to my elbow did cause a bit of discomfort.

There was more Kali goodness on Thursday, as Manny earned his Battlefield Kali Single Stick Instructor certification under Guro Burton Richardson. Like all of Burton’s instructor tests, sparring is an important part of the certification process, and I had the honor of sparring with Manny for two rounds during testing, while Bobby (also a Kali instructor) took the other two rounds. Everyone fought at a very high level.

Manny Valladares & Burton Richardson

Also that evening, JKD Instructor Shelton Yamashiro earned his Brown Belt in Burton’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for Street Self-Defense. Shelton is a great grappler, and this was well-deserved. I rolled with him for one round as part of his test, and am pleased to report I made it through alive and in one piece.

It was more Kali fun on Saturday. A few friends and I met in the park to do a bit of sparring, using training sticks, rattan sticks, and training knives. I also taught everyone a few basic kettlebell moves. Kali and kettlebells… what a great way to spend an afternoon!

Swimmin’ in the Mornin’, Kali in the Evenin’, BJJ at Suppatime!

Like the cheesy, slightly obscure musical reference?

I started Tuesday morning with some yoga and joint mobility work on the beach before going for a 400-m ocean swim. It was raining, and the cold rain made the ocean feel downright warm by comparison.

Tuesday evening it was time for Kali, followed by MMA stuff. The night ended with a solid 45-min or so of BJJ work. I’m pleased to say my back is feeling even better, and I felt no spinal pain even as my partner and I were thrashing about violently on the mats. No pain this morning when I woke up, either. It’s good to be back!

Finally! Back to MMA and BJJ Training!

After seven weeks of recovery and rebuilding from a spinal injury,  I finally started training in mixed martial arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu again last Thursday, June 2nd. It was great to be back!

Even though I had still been working-out and participating in Kali, I found there was still a bit of stiffness in my hip when kickboxing and rolling. Nothing too bad, but it was noticeable. Surprisingly, my performance on the ground was better than I anticipated, and I managed to get some tricky submissions on my partner. (Full disclosure: He had been out sick for over two weeks with a nasty cold, so he might not have been at his best.)

When I woke up Friday I felt pretty good, though there was a hint of soreness in my hip. I decided to give myself a little extra time to recuperate and skipped my usual work-outs, opting for a nice long walk with my wife instead.

I look forward to more training tonight, and getting better and better as I continue to heal.