Monthly Archives: March 2012

Time to Revamp Training

Over the last few months, my main training focus has been strength and size. You can get an idea of the sort of workouts I’ve been doing here. I’m happy with my results so far. I have gained about 10 pounds with no significant increase in body fat. My waist is the same as it was before.

However, with spring upon us, it’s time to start mixing things up a bit. While I’ll still have days focussing on strength and size, it is time to start throwing in more intense conditioning workouts as well. I’m happy about this, as one thing I love about kettlebells is the variety of training options. I look forward to starting a new regimen and experimenting with new routines.

Actually, that’s just what I did today. Men’s Health recently featured an interesting kettlebell workout. Essentially, it’s a kettlebell complex incorporating snatches, windmills, squats, and presses. Go check it out. Today I decided to give it a try. To warm-up, I did some joint mobility work, swung my Kali stick, and did some kettlebell halos and around-the-bodys. Next, three sets each of chin-ups and dips on the Jungle Gym. Now it was time for the aforementioned new workout. It was pretty challenging, especially with a 44-lb kettlebell. I finished with a bunch of swings and 25 yard sprints.


Video: More Kali Sparring!

Here’s a few more clips of my buddies and I engaging in some Kali sparring at the park recently.

Here’s Travis and Gary doing some stick sparring, both right and left handed:

And here’s Gary and I doing some Daga y Espada (stick and knife) sparring:

Hope you enjoy!

Video: Kickboxing Footwork

Some valuable tips on kickboxing footwork from my friend and training partner Travis Ewing.

Video: Sparring in the Park!

I’m far from the most tech-savvy guy in the room, so I’ve been slow in recording and posting my own videos. No more! It’s a short and admittedly amateurish bit of footage of me and a friend of mine engaging in some Kali stick sparring over the weekend. Enjoy!