Monday Training, 2.06.12

I’m continuing with my Back to Basics approach this week.

Warmed-up with a bit of joint mobility work and a few minutes of swinging my Kali sticks. Then it was on the body weight and kettlebell work. Today was a single KB day, and I was using my 53lb-er.

Circuit 1: Alternated between Jungle Gym Chin-Ups and Long Cycle Clean & Jerks, 5 sets of each. For the Long Cycle, I stuck to 5 reps on each side. For the Chins, I alternated between 7 and 8 reps each set, so it went 7,8,7,8,7.

Circuit 2: Virtually identical to Circuit 1, but I did Jungle Gym Dips instead of Chin-Ups. Still did Long Cycle, and the sets and reps stayed the same.

To finish, I did a quick 4X25 of Kettlebell Swings, followed by Eischens yoga to cool down.

Total Reps

  • Chin-Ups: 36
  • Dips: 36
  • 1-Arm Long Cycle Clean & Jerks: 50
  • Swings: 100

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