Wednesday Training, 11.30.11

My recent fixation on 5×5 kettlebell work continues. After warming-up swinging the Kali sticks, I did 5 sets each of 5 Jungle Gym chin-ups and 5 Double KB Clean & Jerks. Next, 3 sets of 8 each of Jungle Gym dips, body rows, and 1-Arm KB Military Presses.

I finished with a mix of KB Swings and sprints. I paced out 50m, and put a kettlebell on each end. I’d start on one end, do 10 KB Swings, sprint to the other end, do 9 KB Swings, etc. until I got down to 1 KB Swing.


One response to “Wednesday Training, 11.30.11

  1. This is a great little workout…way to burn it out at the end. I just came across your site, and I’m guessing you’ve already heard of it/have an opinion on it, but I’m interested in your thoughts on MovNat? I had the chance to go to his first 5 day retreat in the US, it is a great fit for what you do.

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