Good Double Kettlebell Clean & Jerk Video

I’ve been working quite a bit on my Double Kettlebell Clean & Jerks (aka Long Cycle) lately. It’s truly a great exercise, though it is challenging. As Mike Mahler writes,

One of the most effective exercises for losing fat and gaining quality muscle is the high repetition clean and jerk. This exercise sends your growth hormone through the roof, which is critical for losing fat and preserving lean muscle. However, be warned this exercise is not for the faint of heart.

Before attempting the Double KB Clean & Jerk, I’d advise really getting your technique down for the Single Long Cycle Clean & Jerk. For those who feel they are ready to tackle the challenge of two kettlebells, here’s a short but useful video:

I have to say I’ve made some definite gains in strength from the Double Kettlebell Clean & Jerk, and I see it remaining a big part of my training regimen.


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