Monday Training, 10.17.11

Before training I did some yoga and Kali stick sparring with my friend Gary, so I was plenty warmed-up. The first part of my workout was built around  Jungle Gym Chin-Ups and Double Kettlebell Clean & Jerks. I alternated between the two, and laddered up to 5 reps of each 3 times, for a total of 45 Chins and 45 KB Clean & Jerks.

Next, 3 sets of 7 each of Jungle Gym Dips and Single KB Clean & Jerks.

I finished with a mix of KB Swings and sprints. I paced out 50m, and put a kettlebell on each end. I’d start on one end, do 10 KB Swings, sprint to the other end, do 9 KB Swings, etc. until I got down to 1 KB Swing.


2 responses to “Monday Training, 10.17.11

  1. Thanks for sharing all the workouts!

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