Interview with Vegetarian Fighter Aaron Simpson

Here’s a link to a short but great interview with vegetarian fighter Aaron Simpson: 5 Questions with Vegetarian UFC Fighter Aaron Simpson

My favorite part of the interview is when he explains his reasons for giving up meat:

We always talked about raising our kids vegetarian and teaching them compassion and empathy for all living things. I could no longer be a hypocrite and stand by and eat animals. So, almost two years ago, I stopped eating meat. All along I justified it by saying that as a high level athlete I needed to eat meat to stay strong and fit. Little did I know, this was the furthest thing from the truth. It actually really made sense with me when I read Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer, as it was backed by facts as to why it is wrong and unhealthy to eat animals.

While I don’t have kids, Simpson’s reasons for going veg pretty much mirror my own. And I was glad to see him mention Foer’s Eating Animals, which is arguably the best book on the subject.

Aaron Simpson, along with other fighters like Mac Danzig, Jake Shields, and the Diaz brothers, is just further proof that you don’t need to eat meat to be a fit and strong. You can be tough and compassionate, too!


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