Back from a Break

I admit it… I’ve left this blog dormant for a few weeks. Frankly, there’s been so much going on I just got very busy.

On the training front, my friend and training partner Travis was waylaid by injuries and illness, so we took some time off from our workouts. I remained active, but instead of concentrating on set routines, I just more or less did whatever I felt like on any given day: swimming, yoga, Hindu exercises, simple kettlebell work, Kali with my friends, etc. And of course I had my regular JKD and BJJ practice.

I actually welcome the short break from my regular training schedule. When you train hard pretty consistently, you sometimes need to take some time off to let both your mind and body recharge, regroup, and refocus. So now I feel fresh and ready for a new phase of training, Fit Monkey style!


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