Wednesday Training, 8.24.11

For my the afternoon training with my friend Travis, we warmed-up with 10-min of Hindu Push-Ups and Squats, 15/15 style. For kettlebell training, we repeated the Swing/ Get Up Descending Ladder we’ve been doing on Wednesdays:

25 Swings/ 20 Swings/ 15 Swings

3 Get Ups/ 2 Get Ups/ 1 Get Up

Except you’ll repeat each Swing rep set twice, like this: 25 Swings, 3 Get Ups on the right side, 25 Swings,  Get Ups on the left, 20 Swings, 2 Get Ups right, etc.

We added a few sets of Jungle Gym Rows and Dips into the mix, as well as Military Presses with the TNT Cables.

At the end of the workout we did 10-min of yoga.

I’m enjoying these Wednesday Swings and Get Ups workouts. After just three weeks, I feel as if my Get Ups have improved. It’s amazing how much your heart rate goes up from an exercise you perform so slowly!


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