Monday Training, 7.25.11

Trained with my friend Travis Ewing today. We’re entering a new phase of really trying to focus on fight-ready conditioning.

We did a light warm-up of Hindu Push-Ups and Squats, 15/15 for 5-min. As an even more intense warm-up, we followed with some Burpee/Boxing Intervals. (Click here to learn about this routine.) Usually people shadow-box the boxing portion of these intervals, but we decided to make things more challenging by putting on heavy gloves and hitting focus mitts. We did this for 5-min each.

Next up, some Chins on the Jungle Gym. I did about 4 sets of 6.

For our kettlebell work, we did this routine from Kettlebell Basics : 3 One Arm Swings, 3 One Arm Squat to Overhead Presses, and 3 One Arm Snatches, all continuously and on the same side, repeated 10 times on each side. Travis finished his circuit in about 9-min, 12-sec; I finished mine in about 10-min, 20-sec. In my defense, I was squatting quite a bit lower, which made things much harder. Or maybe Travis is just tougher than I am!


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