Monday Training, 7.04.11

Went to the beach this morning and did about 10-min of yoga before going for a 400m ocean swim.

This afternoon I warmed-up with some joint mobility work before moving on to 3 sets of 15 Hindu Push-Ups along with 5 Pull-Ups, 6 Neutral Grip Chins, and 7 Chin-Ups. For my kettlebell workouts, I’ve decided to make them a bit more conditioning oriented. So today I did a routine I found onKettlebell Basics. Here’s a description and video:

To perform this combo, you’ll do 3 One Arm Swings, 3 One Arm Squat to Overhead Presses, and 3 One Arm Snatches, all continuously and on the same side.

You’ll then switch sides and complete the circuit again on the opposite side.

Complete ten rounds of this on the right and ten rounds on the left for a complete workout.

This was a great kettlebell workout, and more challenging then you might think. It took me about 12-min to finish, but in those 12-min I worked up one hell of a sweat.


3 responses to “Monday Training, 7.04.11

  1. Looks like a great, simple workout. I wish I had an ocean near by that I could swim in. Great stuff man.

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