Active Rest Weekend, 7.02.11-7.03.11

I felt unusually energetic Saturday, so I decided to do a light workout. Specifically, I wanted to do something that would complement my martial arts training (no doubt because I’ve been bouncing back and forth between reading Barry Eisler‘s awesome John Rain novels and Sgt. Rory Miller‘s Meditations on Violence).

I warmed-up with about 10-min of yoga. Then I just did a bunch of moves one after another: 15 Hindu Push-Ups and 30 Hindu Squats; Planks and Side Planks; Triangles, Rocking Chair, and other BJJ-related core work. I did this circuit three times before heading outside to do a couple of 4-min rounds on the heavy bag.

Sunday was a more mellow day. I went to the beach, did 10-min of yoga and then swam 400m. No Hindu stuff… I figured it’s always good to take a day of rest to let the body recover.


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