Wednesday Training, 6.01.11

Started with about 12-min of yoga and quick set of Hindu Push-Ups and Squats. Then it was on to supersets of bodyweight exercises and kettlebell work.

  • First superset: Double KB Clean & Jerks/Jungle Gym Chins, 4X5
  • Second superset: Jungle Gym Dips/Jungle Gym Rows, 4X7, and TNT Cable Side Raises/Curls, 4X10

I finished with 10-min of KB Swings, 30/30 style.

Astute readers may notice the TNT Cable Side Raises and Curls and say, “Hey! Those aren’t very practical exercises! Those are pure vanity moves!” And they would be right. That’s why I seldom do them. But sometimes it’s fun to throw in a little vanity work, especially with summer on the way!


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