Rehabbing Myself

It’s been a bit over two weeks since I tweaked my back. By “tweaked” I mean “slipped a disc.”

Things have improved dramatically. No more swearing when standing up or sitting down! Last week I started training in Kali again, and even participated in a demo at a charity event on Sunday. No MMA or BJJ yet, however.

For my workouts, I’ve been sticking to yoga, chins, dips, and ocean swims. Monday was a typical recovery workout:

  • 10-min of yoga, plus some joint mobility work
  • Ladders of Pull-Ups, Alternate Grip Pull-Ups, Neutral Grip Pull-Ups, and Chin-Ups. I didn’t keep track of total reps. I’d just ladder up to four or five one one exercise, rest a bit, and move on to the next exercise.
  • Between pulling exercises I’d do sets of 10 Parallel Bar Dips.
  • Finished with a 400-m ocean swim.

These are the types of routines I’ve been doing post-injury. I believe my recovery is going well, and I hope to start swinging the kettlebell again soon!


2 responses to “Rehabbing Myself

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  2. Sounds nasty, hope you recovered well. I tweaked my back, after I decided to adjust my back position midway though a heavy squat. I completely forgot the old adaje, never chage the bar position or reposition your back once you unrack the bar.

    I was out of training for 2 months, and it was a depressing period for me, not being able to excercise.

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