Dealing With an Injury

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I tweaked something while working out a week ago. Turns out I more than tweaked something: I have a slipped disc!

It’s not as bad as it sounds. The pain has subsided quite a bit, and is now mostly a dull ache. And, according to the doctor, since my back is essentially healthy and strong, my recovery should be a matter of weeks, not months.

Fortunately, this doesn’t impact my ability to train clients. I will, however, have to make changes to my own workouts. Overhead lifts are out, as they compress the spine too much. No running either, as it’s just too jarring. Worse of all, while I’ll still practice Kali, my MMA (and especially my BJJ) training is on hold for the time being. So, until I’m healed, my workouts will mainly consist of yoga, chins, and ocean swims. Next week I might try adding kettlebell Swings.

I think it’s important to consider why this injury hasn’t proved more debilitating. As I mentioned, the doc said I seemed to have a healthy and strong back. I credit certain aspects of my training for this:

  • Yoga
  • Planks and Side Planks
  • Kettlebell  Swings

All of these greatly contribute to having a strong core and powerful posterior chain. And while my own experiences show that having a strong core and solid posterior chain aren’t a guarantee of not getting a lower-back injury, they sure seem to lessen the effects of those injuries.

So protect your back. Make sure kettlebell Swings, Planks, and Yoga are part of your fitness regimen. Not sure how to incorporate these into your routines? Then contact me to arrange a training session!


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