Lessons from an Interrupted Experiment

That was fast! The First Fit Monkey Hawaii Challenge has puttered out.

The challenge was simple: 10,000 kettlebell swings, 3,000 Hindu Push-Ups, and 6,000 Hindu Squats within 30 days. Alas, a week in I hit a major snag.

Sunday, I was trying to get in some extra sets of Hindu Push-Ups and Squats at the beach. However, in the middle of one of the push-ups, my left hand slipped on the sand. I managed to catch myself, but in doing so really tweaked something in my hip.

Monday rolled around, and even though my hip was sore, I didn’t want to fall behind on the challenge so I went forward with my workouts! Big mistake! What was minor soreness on Monday became major pain on Tuesday. I ended up being unable to do any more training for the rest of the week.

Losing nearly an entire week pretty much meant there is no way for me to catch-up and complete the Fit Monkey Hawaii Challenge without  killing myself in the process. So the whole thing is postponed indefinitely.

While I am disappointed at how things went, I don’t really see this as a failure, as I learned a few things from this interrupted experiment.

  • Don’t do anything myself I wouldn’t have a client do. If one of my clients wanted to do a hard workout despite being hurt, I would not let him or her do it. I believe in injury-free training, and that should apply to me, too!
  • I hate doing the same workouts day in and day out. One of the reasons I chose to get certified at Monkey Bar Gym is that they embrace endless variety. Same with kettlebells: I love being able to do all sorts of different workouts. Forcing myself to do practically the same training every day was boring and unnatural to me. Again, I wouldn’t have a client do this, so why should I?
  • I believe fitness should be fun, not a chore. This challenge wasn’t fun, and it was a bit of a chore. I missed the excitement of doing something different every day.

Please don’t think I’m slamming Lisa Shaffer’s 10,000 Swing Challenge. There is a time and place for this sort of training. I might try it again in the future. But for right now, I don’t think it’s what I should be concentrating on.


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