Monday Training, 04.18.11

I’m a little bit sore today. On Sunday I tweaked my left hip while doing Hindu Push-Ups on the beach. My hand started to scoot forward in the sand, and while trying to catch myself I either pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve or both. Lesson: No more Hindu Push-Ups in the sand!

Anyway, I persevered and did a couple of workouts today.


Warmed-up with 10-min of yoga. Then on to 3 sets of 15 Hindu Push-Ups, 30 Hindu Squats, and 45 KB Swings with the 44# kettlebell.


Group training with my friends Steven, Travis, Falo, and Derrick. We did sets of 10 Hindu Push-Ups, 20 Hindu Squats, and 30 KB Swings. Keeping with our tradition of honoring Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap, we did 11 sets. Since we only had four kettlebells for five of us, we’d take turns doing Chins on the Jungle Gym instead of Swings. Still, everyone did manage to get at least nine rounds of Swings in. It was fairly challenging, and everyone felt great afterwards.

Daily Totals

Hindu Push-Ups: 155, Hindu Squats: 310, Swings: 405


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