Wednesday Training, 3.30.11

Jon Hinds would be ashamed of me. When I was training for my certification at Monkey Bar Gym, one of the things stressed to me and all the other trainees was the importance of the Eischens Beginner Yoga Sequence. We drilled it over and over. And for good reason; it’s a great sequence. Alas, over the last few weeks I’ve been lax in my yoga practice.

Today I decided to jump back on the yoga train. I started today’s workout with 10-min of Eischens Yoga. For the actual workout, I did 4 sets of 12 Push-Ups, 5 KB Renegade Rows, and 8 Double KB Jerks. Finished with 10-min of 15/15, alternating between 1-Arm KB High Pulls and 1-Arm KB Snatches. I used 35# kettlebells for all exercises.


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