Monday PM Training, 3.14.11

Trained with Travis Ewing in the evening. After our usual warm-up of Hindu Push-Ups and Squats, 15/15 for 10-min, we decided to mix things up by doing a slightly modified version of a Monkey Bar Gym workout, the Fast & Furious. Seemed like a good idea considering MBG is where I got my Certified Natural Trainer II certification! The workout starts with

  • 20 Kettlebell Snatches
  • 20 Body Rows on the Jungle Gym
  • 20 24″ Box Jumps

The reps drop by four for each set, so Round Two consists of 16 Snatches, 16 Rows, 16 Jumps, etc. You work down to four reps, then a set of two reps for everything, and then you’re done. It was quite challenging, and have kettlebell stigmata to prove it!


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