Kettlebells for Moms

I often rave about how great kettlebells are for martial artists. They have certainly helped my MMA clients and I become better fighters. Yet even if you never have (and never plan to) throw a punch in your life, kettlebells are still a great training tool. They really are great for nearly everyone, including moms.

As Kettlebell Queen Lauren Brooks Miller explains in her article Kettlebells for Women with Children, “kettlebell training is perfect for a mom.” Here are some of the reasons Lauren gives:

Kettlebells kill two birds with one stone
With kettlebell exercises you are able to get your heart rate up, more than any machine in a fancy gym, while strengthening and sculpting your entire body.

Kettlebell training will help tighten up your stretched out stomach muscles
After pregnancy the stomach muscles are left weak and stretched out. The  transverse abdominus muscles, which are the muscles that wrap around your midsection, get stronger and tighter with kettlebell exercises

You will lose the junk and tighten your trunk
The mommy flat butt will start to reshape into more of a muscular and firm rear end.  You will start feeling amazing when you put your old jeans on and your butt is higher up.  (Beware: your firm butt may start attracting eyes and hands!)

Your metabolism will increase
When you start working out with kettlebells your body starts turning in to a fat burning machine. You are developing dense muscles which require much more energy. In addition, more and more studies are showing that short bursts of intense exercises, such as interval training, will have your body burning for up to 24 hours after the workout. So just because you are finished with your short workout does not mean you stop burning. That’s a huge plus for anyone.

You can read all of Lauren’s great article here. She also sells high quality kettlebell training videos.

And if you’re interested in giving kettlebells a try yourself, contact me to set up a training session!


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