Today’s Workout, 2.07.11 (AM Edition)

This was my morning workout. I’ll be training again with my friends Travis and Steven this evening.  Double the fun!

Started out with 12-min of yoga. Then it was pulling time. Laddered up to 3 on Pull-Ups, 4 on Parallel Grip Chins, and 5 on Chins. Next, Hindu Push-Ups and Squats, 15/15 for 10-min. Now for kettlebells!

Experimented with something different today. My martial arts instructor Burton Richardson is fond of the concept of of “progressive resistance.” I decided to apply the principle to kettlebells by starting out with an easier exercise and gradually moving on to more difficult ones. Here was the progression I used:

  1. 1-Arm Swing
  2. 1-Arm Clean
  3. 1-Arm Clean & Press
  4. 1-Arm Snatch

I did this 15/15 style for 8-min. This meant I’d do a 1-Arm Swings for 15-sec with my left arm, rest 15-sec, then 15-sec with my right, rest 15-sec, 1-Arm Cleans for 15-sec with my left, rest 15-sec, etc. It actually was quite a bit more challenging than I expected! I finished up with 10-min of Swings, 30/30-style.


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