Monday’s Workout, 1.31.11

Trained with Travis and Steven “Soul Samurai” Saito. Since I did a bunch of pressing moves on Sunday, today was a good day to focus on pulling. Call it “Lats-o-Mania.” Warmed-up with Hindu Push-ups and Squats, 15/15 for 10-min. Then busted-out the Jungle Gym and a couple of 35# kettlebells. We alternated between Jungle Gym Chin-Ups and Renegade Rows. We did 2 sets of ladders, each one up to 5, for a total of 30 Chins and Rows. Next, Turkish Get-Ups. Again we did ladders, but this time just one set up to 3. Short, but still a lot of work! Wrapped up with kettlebell swings, 30/30, for 10-min.


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