Today’s Workout, 1.26.11

I haven’t really been keeping up with my kettlebell snatch practice as much as I should. This realization dawned on me when one of my MMA training partners told me he would really like to learn the snatch. So today I decided to reintroduce snatches into my regimen.

I was pressed for time today, so I kept it short. After a brief warm-up, I grabbed a 35# KB and went to work. I did something different: reverse ladders. I started with 8 Snatches and 8 Clean & Presses, and then worked my way down–7,6,5, etc.–to 1. I kept rest periods really short; about 15-sec or so. Finished with a 30/30 session of kettlebell swings for 10-min, alternating between 1-arm and 2-arm swings.


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