Today’s Workout, 1.23.11

Trained with Travis again today. Warmed-up by swinging the Kali sticks freestyle before moving on to some double-stick forms aka Sinawali for 10-min. Followed with a 15/15 workout, alternating between Hindu push-ups and squats, for 10-min. Rested a bit, then moved on to Double Kettlebell Clean & Jerks with two 35#KBs. We utilized the ladder technique, and did 3 ladders, each one up to 5. That come out to a total of 45 Double Clean & Jerks each. Next up was single KB Long Cycle Clean & Jerks for 5-min, switching hands every 5 reps.  Finished with a 30/30 session of kettlebell swings for 10-min, alternating between 1-arm and 2-arm swings.

Travis made a pretty astute observation regarding kettlebell training. Basically, he said you feel so good after a KB session, you end up forgetting just how hard the session itself really is. To me, that’s what a workout should be: You’re challenged while doing it, but feel great afterwards!


One response to “Today’s Workout, 1.23.11

  1. Nice workout Brandon, I like this one and plan on modeling it.

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